Photo By:  David Bean

Photo By:  David Bean


Alan Powell is a founding member of the pop group Anthem Lights, as well as a critically acclaimed actor. Variety called his performance in the 2014 indie film THE SONG “excellent” and The Hollywood Reporter called him a “heartthrob.”

A versatile entertainer, Alan is a breakout star that is turning heads in both the music and film industries. Despite his God-given talent, Alan did not originally set his sights on a career in entertainment.

Born a pastor’s son, Alan began his freshman year at Liberty University with the goal of becoming a New Testament professor. Alan excelled in Philosophy and Greek studies, and for a time could speak proficiently in Greek.

But a chance entry in a university talent show dramatically changed the course of his life forever. As a skilled musician and surprisingly gifted hip-hop dancer, Alan blew the crowd away with his performance of a Michael Jackson mash-up. After, a friend emphatically insisted that Alan capitalize on his unique talents – and with a “now-or-never “ philosophy, Alan moved with his young wife to LA in 2006 to pursue music.

In L.A., Alan connected with Chad Graham, a longtime friend from high school and the two decided to start a Christian band. They invited Kyle Kupecky and Caleb Grimm, friends from their college days, to round out the group, and in 2007 the band Yellow Cavalier was born.

Over the next five years Alan and the band continued to evolve and grow their fan base. In 2010 they signed with Reunion Records, changed the band’s name to Anthem Lights, toured across the country, and recorded two studio albums: Anthem Lights and You Have My Heart. Both albums showcased Alan’s skillful songwriting. In 2012, the band parted ways with Reunion Records to create their own record label named YC Records as a throwback to the band’s “Yellow Cavalier” origins. They also brought on new band member Joey Stamper to replace Kyle, who amicably left the group to pursue a solo career in music.

Alan focused on writing and producing quality music and creating music videos with entertaining and engaging content. He honed in on the band’s inherent skill at creating an upbeat, pop music sound, and continued to steer Anthem Lights and its music toward the mainstream pop genre. And fans responded—in droves.

Anthem Lights now has over 260,000 YouTube channel subscribers and over 40 million hits, and is taking the pop music scene by storm.


Photo by:  David Bean

Photo by:  David Bean

In June of 2012, in the midst of Alan’s rapidly rising success with Anthem Lights, he was contacted about an audition for an upcoming movie called THE SONG.  After reading a few lines from the script, Alan immediately felt a connection to the character of Jed King, a brooding singer songwriter caught in a love triangle.  He landed the starring role in the film, and authentically conveyed the delicate emotional nuances of a man struggling to balance fame and family. After THE SONG’s release in fall 2014, a steady stream of praise for Alan Powell, a newcomer to the big screen, began to emerge in the press.

“Persuasive acting and stirring music...Powell is excellent.” –Variety

“The musical performances are quite good.... and [Powell’s] heartthrob qualities indicate the distinct possibility of future starring roles.” –The Hollywood Reporter

“Powell, in particular, is terrific. He boasts a dynamic, slightly edgy presence that holds the film together.” –The Arizona Republic

“Alan Powell is spectacular.” –Guardian Liberty Voice

"Alan Powell and [co-star] Ali Faulkner give truly powerful performances...” – Familiy First

Despite having garnered so much success early on in his career, this 29 year-old husband and father of two is grounded in family – his first priority - and is most passionate about this aspect of his life.  Alan married his high school sweetheart, Brycie, in 2006. He fell for her after hearing her sing in a school performance. He remembers, “It was in that moment that she became everything to me.” Now they have two beautiful daughters and a baby on the way.

“It may be a bit cliché, but it’s true. Brycie is my hero. She is a gift from God. And my daughters—they have taught me the true meaning of God’s love.”

What’s Next?

Anthem Lights’ rabid fan base is growing by the day with the anticipated release of the band’s first original pop album, Escape. Prominent musicians have started to take notice of Alan’s uncanny ability to craft stellar songs. Seasoned writer Rob Hawkins and chart-topping rock/pop duo Dan and Shay recently teamed up with Alan to co-write “Top Of The World,” the first single off Anthem Lights’ new album, Escape, and Mandisa’s 2014 Grammy-winning album Overcomer includes a track Alan penned.

Alan has two films in post-production, OUT OF ASHES and PRODUCE: WHERE HOPE GROWS, and will begin shooting CAGED in Fall 2014, a film in which he plays a former special ops soldier on the hunt for two young girls who have been sold into sex trafficking.

Photo By:  David Bean

Photo By:  David Bean

Family man, musician, writer, producer, actor – regardless of which creative outlet Alan Powell tackles next, he is sure to positively and profoundly impact those lucky enough to experience his work, and fans new and old will continue to be rewarded by his current and future endeavors.